Yo what’s good we out here
May 11, 1999 (Age: 20)



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    Ghosting Squad Founder (10 points)

    What is Ghosting Squad Founder? It's the people that started ghosting Squad with us
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    Stalker (1 point)

    Someone that stalk your profile RIp
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    50 Posts (1 point)

    Posts 50
  4. Welcome to GS (1 point)

    Welcome to GS


  1. Quality Assurance (1 point)

    Welcome to Quality Assurance
  2. Admin Trainers (1 point)

    Welcome to Admin Trainers


  1. Steam Integration (1 point)

    A person that integrate their steam profile to the website
  2. Discord integration (1 point)

    A person that integrate their Discord integration profile to the website


  1. Leadership (1 point)

    Becoming a member of the Leadership team
  2. Founder (1 point)

    Awarded in recognition of this member's involvement in the creation of GhostingSquad
  3. Council (1 point)

    You must be mighty!


  1. One Year Recognition (1 point)

    Who has been with the community for over a year
  2. Website Creator (1 point)

    Thank you for all the help making the Ghosting Squad website!
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